Monday, 31 October 2011

Happy Halloween


Wish you all a Very Happy Halloween!!


My son and I together carved this pumpkin. He was very excited about it :-)


This was the first time we carved the pumpkin... and it came out quite well!!


Have Fun!!!


Aarthi said...

This looks delicious..Should try it some day...Thanks for the recipe dear.

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soujanya said...

Pumpkin was sooo gud...Happy Halloween dear....

vineela said...

Perfect .Happy Halloween

Renu said...

Happy Halloween to you too.

Sravs said...

perfectly craved pumpkin !!

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Apu said...

Looking good. Great family fun!

Spandana said...

Thank You everyone.. Happy Halloween.. !! We had so much fun and I hope u did too!!

Asha menon said...

Pumkin looks very nice. Did you use any special tools to carve the pumpkin?
I am visiting your blog for the first time, I will sure come back.
Keep posting

Helen said...

haha, i also tried to make this boo.
my sister always scared when she see a cute squash like this hahas!